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Ward, Wally, and The Beaver

by Eric Blyton

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Authors Note: Here is another story about Boys on TV getting spanked. This is by request; if any one else out there has suggestions send them to me and I may use them.

Ward Cleaver was in a foul mood. It wasn't just that he had a bad day at work; he had gotten a letter that had infuriated him. He had fought traffic all the way home from his office to his suburban home snugly located in its whitebread subdivision and he just wanted to relax, but he couldn't. He had to deal with the contents of the damn letter first. He parked his car and stormed up the walk to the door. He had no sooner gotten inside and hung his hat when his wife hit him with those words he so dreaded to hear.

"Ward, I think you'd better have a little talk with the Beaver."

Ward groaned to himself. This was the last thing in the world he wanted to deal with right now. But he steeled himself. He was the father in the family and in Ward's world, the fathers had to deal with the sons. He was not about to start shirking on his duty. But not for the first time he wished that they had had at least one girl so June would have had to deal with some of this stuff. too.

"Oh, what's he done now?" he asked

"Well, I got a call from his math teacher today. It seems he's not paying attention in class and being disruptive. She also said that he failed his last quiz. I think you better give him a good talking to, Ward."

"Oh, I think I'll give him a bit more than that!" Ward had already made up his mind about something and so this was just an amendment to an existing decision.

"Don't be too hard on him, Ward." June Cleavers face was crossed by an expression of worry. She didn't like the firm expression on her husband's face.

"Well, June, A man's got to do what a man's got to do."

June straitened her apron and went back into the kitchen. That was one of the advantages to Ward's position as father. His wife could advise and suggest, but the final decision was always his. She would not second guess him once his mind was made up.

Ward loosened his tie and went to his younger son's room. He opened the door and spotted The Beaver sitting on his bed. He looked up at his father with a slightly worried expression on his face. 'Not worried enough,' thought Ward.

Ward was angry, but that didn't mean his was going to yell at the boy. This sort of thing had to be done properly otherwise it was just an a way for Ward to let off steam, not to teach his son a lesson. So he got himself as calm as he could and sat down on the bed next to Beaver.

"Theodore, your mother tells me she had a call from your math teacher today."

"Yea, that's old Mrs. Simons. She sure is a bear." Beaver had his eyes downcast and looked ashamed.

"Well now she may be a bear, Theodore, but that doesn't mean that you can disrupt your class. It also doesn't give you any excuse to fail a quiz. What's that all about?"

"I guess I'm having trouble with math this year, Dad. And that Mrs. Simons isn't a very good teacher."

"Theodore, if you are having trouble with math, you should have said something to me before you went and failed a quiz. And that's still no excuse for disrupting class. Do you admit that you have been disruptive?"

Beaver looked even more ashamed than he had. "Yea, Dad, I guess I have."

"All right son, here is what is going to happen. Tonight after supper, you and I are going to go over your math homework. You tell me what you don't understand and I'll work with you. I don't mind tutoring you if you need it. But on the other hand, I can't just let your past behavior go by. I'm afraid you've earned yourself a spanking, Theodore."

"A spanking!?" The Beaver looked up at his Dad with shock in his eyes. This just wasn't something that happened very often in the Cleaver household.

"I'm afraid so, Theodore. Let's get it over with for both our sakes. Take your shirt and pants off."

The Beaver was used to doing what he was told, at least by his Dad anyway. He slowly pulled his shirt over his head and then unbuckled his shorts. He tried to slip them off while sitting on the bed, he was unable to manage and so he stood up. He let go of them and they slid to the floor. Ward watched as he stepped out of them and stood there clad only in his white briefs. Silent tears streamed down The Beaver's face as he awaited his punishment.

"Get across my lap, Theodore." Ward instructed in a firm, but gentle voice.

His son obeyed, laying across his Dad's lap and burying his face in the sheets.

"I'm sorry about this Theodore, but I won't put up with this kind of behavior from you. I hope you think about this next time you feel like playing the fool in class."

Ward grasped the waistband of his son's underwear and pulled them down to his knees, revealing Theodore's tender, bare bottom. He wondered how many spanks to give and decided that fifteen was probably a good number. He drew his arm back and brought his hand down on The Beaver's bare bottom, SPANK!

Beaver jerked and cried out, but Ward paid no attention, SPANK!

He was pausing slightly between spanks, giving Theodore time to feel each one. He could see the ghost image of his hand beginning to form on his son's naked, white asscheeks. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

His efforts were being rewarded with a good yelp each time now, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

The Beaver was now crying in earnest and Ward thought about easing off a little. But he reminded himself that this was for Theodore's own good and so he resolved to finish what he started. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

Ward flexed his hand as he finished and inspected his work. The Beaver's bum was cherry red and Ward knew it was stinging in a quite lively manner. His job as disciplinarian finished for the moment, he switched back into compassion mode. He rubbed Theodore's bottom for a few moments and then he pulled the boy's briefs back up.

"I'm sorry that I had to do that, Theodore, but it's over and done with and you took it well. I'll leave you alone now, but I promise that after supper I'll give you all the help you need."

With that he slid out from underneath his son and stood up. What Ward had not noticed was that he had not closed the door completely when he came in the room. This had had two results; everything that had been said was clearly audible outside in the hallway and a clear view was provided for anyone who wished to spectate. And that was how Wally had ended up outside his brother's room.

Wally had heard his Dad come home, but had not given it any thought. But then he had heard him going into Beaver's room. Wally knew the Beaver was in trouble, but when he heard the word "spanking" escape his Dad's lips he had jumped to his feet. As silently as a mouse he had crept out into the hallway. He had intended to listen at the door, but was delighted to find it ajar. He saw his brother take off his pants and lay across Dad's lap. When he saw Dad pull Beaver's briefs down his excitement climbed another notch.

'Gosh' he thought, 'The Beav's going to get it on his bare butt!"

As he watched his little brother's bottom being spanked, Wally's teenaged dick stiffened into an erection. He reached into his pocket and absently started playing with it as he watched the show. Unfortunately, it only lasted a minute or so and then it was over. Wally had to admit that Beaver took it well; he had been expecting much more howling than had happened. He had just decided to sneak back into his room and play with himself when his Dad stood up. Feeling a burst of panic, Wally turned to scurry away. However, having his hand in his pocket threw him off balance. As he turned, he collided with the wall. He started falling, but was unable to get his hand out of his pocket in time to catch himself.

Ward was walking to the door of The Beaver's room when he heard a thud. This was followed by a loud WHUMP! of a heavy object hitting the floor. He opened the door fully and spied his oldest son laying in a tangled heap on the floor. It was clear what had happened, but Ward saw right away how to use it to his advantage.

"Oh, get up Wally" he said to the embarrassed boy on the floor. "And get in your room" he added.

Wally scrambled to his feet and retreated to his room. Ward followed and pointedly did not close the door all the way.

"I suppose you saw what just happened to Theodore?" he asked.

"Yea, I guess I sure did, Dad." Wally didn't see the point to denying it, and his boner had vanished, anyway.

"Do you know why he got spanked?" Ward asked.

"Well, gosh Dad. I guess it's because he's been cutting up in school."

"That's right. Let me ask you Wally, do you think that was fair punishment."

Wally shrugged his shoulders. It seemed a funny question to be asking him.

"Well, sure Dad." he answered.

A grim smile broke out on Ward's face. He pulled out the envelope from his shirt pocket.

"I'm glad you feel that way son. I don't suppose you know what this letter I got today is about?"

Wally had no idea and so he just shook his head. There was something funny about this whole conversation.

"Well let me give you a short version. This is a letter from the Dean at your school. It details an incident from two months ago. It seems you and two other boys were caught cheating on a history test. You had a weeks detention and you had to bring home a note for your parents to sign. The letter says that you did your detention and brought back the note signed, but the dean had some doubts about the signature. So he mailed me this letter to my office asking me to confirm that I had signed the note. And the funny thing is I don't remember signing any note about you cheating. I do remember you saying you had some after school activity you were doing for a week, but somehow I don't remember you saying that it was detention. Now tell me, is my memory going bad or is there another explanation?"

Wally's face fell. He knew he was caught. He'd been so sure he had gotten away with it, but here it was coming back to haunt him. He had no idea what to say, there was no way he was getting out of this. What was Dad going to do? He was sure glaring at him.

"Let me tell you what I think may have happened" Dad said. "I think you forged my signature on the note and then lied about having to stay after school. Is that what happened?"

There was no point lying now. Dad had him dead to rights. He looked down and nodded.

"Well, now this is very serious Wally. Cheating on a test is bad enough. But then you not only lied to me, but you forged my signature. Did you know that forgery is a crime?"

"I'm sorry, Dad!" This wasn't a very good reply, but there was nothing else to say.

"'Ill bet you'll feel a lot more sorry in a few minutes, son. I'm glad you thought that the spanking I gave Theodore was fair, because since what you did was so much worse, you'll have to agree that I'll have to give you a much more severe spanking to equal your crime."

"Oh gosh, Dad!" Wally gulped, "Please don't spank me! I promise never to do it again. You can ground me for a month and I'll do all the chores around the house!"

"I might make you do those other things, too if you are not careful Wally, but you are not going to get out of this. Now take off your clothes! At once!"

Wally quickly took off his shirt. He could tell Dad was angrier than he was letting on. He was taking off his pants when he noticed that Dad was taking off his belt. 'Oh, no!' his mind shrieked. 'I'm too old for this!'

But there was no escape. The expression on Dad's face was not one that offered any chance of mercy. Soon Wally was standing there in his briefs.

"I said to take of your clothes, Wally, and I meant all of them!" Ward snapped. In spite of himself, he was getting a little impatient. Wally had never tried a stunt like this and Ward wanted to make sure he never did again.

Wally slowly pulled his briefs down. He was mortified that Dad was seeing the small patch of pubic hair that had been growing over his dick for the past year. In a moment he was completely nude. Dad directed him over to the bed and told him to turn around.

"Wally, you thought you could get away with cheating, but instead you only made things much worse. I don't ever want to get a letter like this again and so I'm going to make sure you never even think of doing something like this again. Now spread your legs and bend over."

Wally bent over the bed. His butt was pointed high in the air and he shivered in fear as he heard Dad moving into position.

The first blow came with no warning, WHACK!

Wally cried out in pain as his father's belt landed right in the middle of his bottom, but he had no time to dwell on it, WHACK!

This blow landed just above the other one and it stung just as much. But unlike the spanking he gave Beaver, Ward was not pausing between blows, WHACK!

This one had hit below the first stripe, on the tender flesh where Wally's bottom met his legs. He howled in agony as the belt continued to fall, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Each blow was causing Wally to shriek; he had never felt such pain in his bottom before. His dad's belt felt like a strip of pure fire as it scorched his ass, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Wally kept hoping and praying that Dad would stop, but the spanks kept coming, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Wally's knees started to buckle and he almost collapsed on the bed.

"Stand still!" Ward ordered him. "I'm not done with you yet."

Wally was crying like a baby, but he managed to point his blistered bottom up in the air again. Ward looked at his son's bum; it was crisscrossed with dark red lines. There wasn't a white patch left, but Wally really needed this lesson so he started again.


Wally had been reduced to a crying wreck, but Ward didn't feel sorry for him. Perhaps he would appreciate the seriousness of what he had done.

"Now let that be a lesson to you, son. If I ever here about something like this again, you'll get it twice as hard" Ward warned him.

Realizing that the spanking was at last over, Wally threw himself on the bed and began rubbing his blazing bottom frantically. The tears continued to flow but Wally was in far too much pain to feel shame about that. Rubbing his bum gave him some relief, but it would take a lot to put out the fire that his Dad had lit.

Ward put his belt back on and went out. June might give him a funny look, but she would leave it at that. Now perhaps he could put up his feet and relax before supper.

Meanwhile, Beaver was sitting on the bed in his room. He had heard Dad talking to Wally and his heart had skipped a beat when he realized that Wally was going to get spanked too! He had sneaked out still dressed only in his underwear and had reached to door to Wally's room just before the spanking had started. Thanks to the open door, he had watched the whole thing and he had the same reaction as Wally; his little dick had sprung to life. However, when Dad was done spanking Wally's bare bottom, he had made it back to his room without incident and so he still had his boner. Laying back on his tummy, he eased his briefs down to his knees again. He took hold of his cock and pumped it, all the while going over the image of Wally's red bottom in his mind. Beaver smiled and thought that it had not been such a bad day after all.

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