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How It All Began

by Steve

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We stand in middle of the living room checking out each other's clothed body. We're both nervous, but the bulges in our pants betray our real feelings.

I reach out and start unbuttoning your shirt as you stand motionless. You feel the anticipation and excitement of the unknown. The last shirt button near your jeans is unbuttoned and your cock jumps. You can't wait for an orgasm, but you know you have to remain still as we had previously discussed. You feel your shirt sliding out the top of your jeans as I slowly tug at it. The feel of the air on your bare chest is exhilarating and is heightened as I slip the shirt off your shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

You tense a little when I walk around behind you and tell you to put your hands behind your back. You notice your nipples are getting hard as you put your hands behind you and you feel me bind them together. I reach around in front of you and give your nipples a pinch. Your breathing gets a little heavier as you enjoy the sensation. Your shoulders are a little tensed up from not knowing what will happen. I tell you to relax as I massage your shoulders to break up the tension.

I ask if you are ready. You nod your head indicating that you are even though you're not sure what will happen. You are sure your hard cock is ready for release.

I walk around in front of you and grasp the front of your jeans near the top of your zipper. You feel my fingers slide down between your skin and the jeans.

I have you follow me as I lead you into one of the back rooms while my hand has a firm grip on your jeans. The excitement of having my hand so close to your cock is almost unbearable. In the room is a futon bed on a wooden frame folded out. You see the two ends of the wooden frame which are just perfect for tying hands and feet to. Your hardon jumps in excitement.

I guide you to the futon and have you kneel in front of it while laying your upper torso across it. You now remember that I liked spanking and you wonder what you have gotten yourself into. Your clothed butt seems somewhat vulnerable now.

You feel the swat of my hand on your butt. It didn't hurt, but it got your attention as you push forward from the impact. You feel another swat as you notice your cock get more excited about being in this position. As the swats continue, your cock strains for release.

I help you to your feet. I reach for the front of your jeans as you notice how much more excited you feel. I unfasten your jeans and slowly move the zipper down. As I slide your jeans down, we both see just how excited you are by the wetness of pre-cum on your briefs. I sit down on the futon as you step out of your jeans.

I move you so you are face down across my lap. You feel somewhat embarrassed being across my lap in just your underwear, but yet you find it a big turn on. You feel me swat your butt. It stings a little more this time yet your cock twitches with even more excitement. You feel another swat as your erection rubs against my leg. Another swat lands on your butt. Despite the sting, you and your cock are loving every minute of it. As the spanking continues, you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm. Not knowing whether you should talk or not, you manage to mumble that you are getting closer to cumming. The swats suddenly stop.

I have you stand up. Your cock is so rigid, you are almost embarrassed being so turned on by the spanking. I reach for the waistband of your briefs with my thumbs and pull them in one swift movement off your hips, down your butt, off your cock as it bobs back into its erect position, and down past your knees to your feet. The air on your shaved cock and balls excites you further, yet you feel somewhat younger and childlike naked in front of me. You sort of wish you had never shaved your privates. You step out of your briefs as I position you back over my lap.

You say you are very close to cumming, but you feel the smack of my hand on your bare, exposed butt. It stings more than it did before as you feel your cock slide against my leg. You're not sure how much more you can take. Your butt is burning and your cock is almost ready to erupt. You really want to cum, but you are enjoying the erotic aspects of the spanking too much. Another swat hits your butt. You feel your balls tighten up. Another swat hits your butt. You feel your cock twitch in anticipation of its much needed release. Another swat hits your butt. You know you are almost there.

I suddenly have you stand up. You look pleadingly at me. Your cock and balls ache for release, and your butt burns. You ask me to please jerk you off. I smile and tell you not yet as I have you lay on your back on the futon. I tie your hands to the head of the futon. As you strain your head to see if there is anyway for you to get your hands free to jerk yourself off, you feel me tie your feet to the opposite end of the futon. You are helpless and tied, so very close to climaxing, and at my mercy.

I slowly run my hand up your leg towards your cock and balls. My hand runs up your smooth balls, up your rigid cock, and stops right at the head as a drop of pre-cum drips out. Your cock twitches. You feel you are so close to cumming and you can't stand it any more.

My hands reach out and pinch your nipples. You arch your back in ecstasy! If only you could reach out and touch your cock. My hands move down your chest, past your stomach, and to your groin. As you feel my hands move around your bare skin, you murmur for me to please get you off.

I wrap one hand around your sensitive cock as my other hand cups your smooth balls. As I start pumping your cock and massaging your balls, your breath gets heavier now that your release is near. My pumping gets faster. You feel yourself getting closer and closer. Suddenly, I take my hands away from your pleading cock and balls. You groan as you struggle at your restraints. You'd do anything to be able to finally shoot your load.

You feel my hands return to your cock and balls. I start pumping and massaging. You start groaning in ecstasy. You feel you are almost at the point of no return. All you are aware of is the pumping and massaging of your smooth cock and balls. You're getting closer and closer. Your breath is quicker amidst your groans. You arch your back.

Suddenly, your cock erupts in a powerful orgasm. It shoots and shoots globs of warm cum on to your writhing body. You feel as if you may pass out as your cock twitches and shoots more and more. Your powerful orgasm finally subsides as your body relaxes on the futon.

You feel my hands on your body scooping up your cum. You feel my hands at your mouth as I feed you your warm seed. As you hungrily lap it up, I continue feeding it to you until it is all eaten.

I reach down and untie your feet. You look up at me as I untie your hands. Still weak from your incredible orgasm, I help you up as you start to get dressed.

We walk back out to the living room and talk for a bit. After a few minutes, you ask me if I am ready. My cock stirs in my jeans as I stand up in middle of the room.

I say I am ready as you approach me. It is time for my payback.

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