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The Bet

by anonymous

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Ricky watched in disbelief as the hail mary pass landed in the hands of the Jet reciever in the endzone. The game was over and the Jets had won, beating his beloved Steelers by one point. His best friend David almost went through the ceiling, celebrating his teams win over Ricky's. As the initial excitement wore down, Ricky and David knew what was coming next. The two 14 year olds had made a bet on the game. The winner got to give a real bare butt spanking to the loser, no questions asked, however the winner wanted. To the last minute David knew he would get the spanking and Ricky thought so as well, but the miracle pass changed everthing and now Ricky would have to take an embarrassing spanking from David.

The awkward silence during the post-game show finally came to an end as the commercials began and football was off the air.

"Are you ready," asked David.

"Let's just do it and get it over with," said Ricky.

David make Ricky pull down his pants and his underwear all the way to his ankles. He sat down on a straight-back chair in the middle of his bedroom and told Ricky to bend over his knees. Ricky protested, begging not to be spanked over his friends knees but he had lost and it was Davids choice.

Red-faced, he shuffled closer to David and slowly lowered himself over his best friends knee. Ricky's slim, white, naked bottom was positioned and David got comfortable. He then began to spank his friends naked bottom soundly. He watched Ricky's bottom quiver and tense as the spanking went on. Now pink, Ricky's bottom was starting to really sting.

Ricky had never felt so embarrassed in all his life. Here he was, the loser of a stupid bet, being spanked on his bare butt by his male friend like he was a 7 year old. And now the spanking was beginning to hurt, really hurt.

David stopped for a moment and told Ricky he just wanted to go a little longer. He said he would give him 25 more slaps but they would be really hard and then it would be over. And that's exaclty what he did. David laid 25 slaps, as hard he could with his bare hand on Ricky's reddenned buns, causing Ricky to grunt with each slap.

Ricky jumped off his friends knee and grabbed his little butt cheeks with both hands. His face was as red as his bottom. David watched as Ricky slowly rubbed out the sting and finally pulled his underwear and pants up.

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