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What's better than one butt to spank?

by Spnky

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This is a story about adult M2M spanking. If you are underage, please don't read it. If however, you are old enogh, and would enjoy reading how not one, but two guys got a week-end full of punishment, then read on.......

As he stood facing the fireplace, Tim had time to reflect on what had just taken place. He was standing with his hands cuffed behind his back and his pants and shorts down around his ankles, exposing his bare and just-spanked bottom for all to see. Next to him, in the exact same predicament, stood Peter who was blinking back tears of embarrassment and humiliation as his recently reddened bottom was also displayed.

Their punishers, Rick and John sat back on the couch facing the fireplace to enjoy the results of the paddlings they had just administered.

This was not the way this week-end was supposed to be, thought Tim. They were supposed to come up to Rick's cabin to relax, swim, and have fun. At least that was what he and Peter had been told. But that had changed almost as soon as they had arrived.

They had come up to Rick's cabin, located on 150 acres of beautiful woods and fields, on Friday night to start a long week-end. They did not have to be back in Milwaukee until early Tuesday morning, so they had three glorious summer days to spend in the warm Wisconsin weather.

Rick and Tim lived together, as did John and Peter. The four of them worked in the same office building and often played golf together. They also had some other things in common. Rick and Tim had been living together for about two years, while John and Peter had been sharing the same house for about a year and a half.

Tim and Peter had also just found out that the four of them had one other thing in common. They were all involved in corporal punishment. Rick had been administering bare-bottom spankings to Tim almost since the beginning of their relationship, but they had always been done in private. Although Rick had often threatened Tim that someday he would allow someone to witness Tim's punishment, he had never carried out that threat. Until tonight, that is.

On the ride to the cabin, Rick and John had hinted that they had a surprise for Tim and Peter, but refused to discuss it further. Peter had tried to get more information, but John just told him to be patient, and he would find out.

After they had arrived and unpacked Tim and Peter were told to each go to the bedroom that they would share with their partners and await their surprise.

Tim went into the bedroom that he and Rick would sleep in, followed by Rick, who softly shut the door behind him. Putting a finger to his lips to tell Tim to be quiet, he whispered, "Lay down on the bed on your stomach and close your eyes."

Not sure what was going on, but eager to find out, Tim did as he was told. About ten seconds later he felt Rick climb onto the bed. Rick straddled Tim's back and, before Tim knew what was happening, snapped a pair of handcuffs on Tim's wrists, securing his hands behind his back. "HEY, WHAT TH-" Tim started, but his words were cut off in mid-sentence as Rick pushed his face down into the blankets, cutting off his air.

"Shut up, and do as I tell you, or you will be sorry!" he commanded, "Do you understand?"

Tim continued to struggle in a vain attempt to get Rick off his back. Rick pushed harder and said "Tell me you will obey me and I'll let you up! Tell me!"

Tim knew he would have to obey Rick's order or he would suffocate, so he managed a muffled agreement. Rick released his hand on Tim's neck and Tim immediately gulped in large amounts of much needed air.

Ordering Tim not to move, Rick stood up and rolled Tim over. He undid the snap on Tim's pants and lowered the zipper.

"What are you doing?" exclaimed Tim.

"I told you to shut up, and I meant it", snapped Rick. "Now stand up!"

Reluctantly, and still confused, Tim struggled to his feet. Rick opened the bedroom door and pushed Tim out into the huge living room.

At almost the same time, the other bedroom door opened, and Peter was propelled into the room, followed closely by John. Glancing at Peter, Tim saw that his hands were also cuffed behind his back, and the front of his pants were undone as well. The look on his face told Tim that he had just suffered the same treatment as Tim had.

As both Tim and Peter started to protest, the other two motioned them to silence. They were led to the center of the room and stood side by side behind the large sofa that faced the stone fireplace. Peter started to protest once again, but John grabbed a handful of his straight black hair and gave it a yank, bringing Peter up on his toes.

"I told you to shut up, boy!" he growled, "So do it!"

Letting go of Peter's hair, John walked around the front of the sofa to stand next to Rick.

Rick explained the surprise to the now quiet and attentive charges who stood before him.

"John and I had lunch together about two months ago, and we talked about a lot of things. We found out that we all have something in common. Know what it is Tim?" he asked. Tim shook his head.

"Peter, do you know what it is?"

"No", was the reply.

"Well, Tim had done something that day at home to piss me off, and I happened to mention it to John. John said to me ' Why don't you beat his ass?' He didn't know at the time that that was exactly what I planned to do"

"Rick! Please don't--", protested Tim, his face beginning to redden with embarrassment as his friend talked about their private secret.

"Quiet!" Rick commanded, then continued, looking at Peter. "I asked him if he did that to Peter when he did something wrong, and John told me yes he did."

Peter, his Asian face reddening noticeably despite the bronze color of his skin, exclaimed "John! You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!"

John stepped up and slapped Peter across the face, not real hard but enough to let him know who was in charge.

"You are going to be in for a very rough week-end if you don't start to obey me. Now be quiet and listen."

Both Peter and Tim hung their heads in humiliation as Rick spoke.

"So anyway, we began to talk about how we disciplined each of you when you make us angry. Tim, I told John about how I make you stand in the corner with your pants down, and then take you over my knee and paddle your bare bottom until it is bright red and you are begging me for mercy." explained Rick, as Tim's face got three shades darker red.

"Yes, and I told Rick how I tie you up in the basement, Peter. Tie you over the stool and beat your bare ass with the belt, until it is burning and tears are running down your face. There is something about that brown-bronze skin of yours that makes the redness of a hard spanking stand out almost as much as one does on Tim's white little ass!"

If the color of his ass got as red as his face right now, Peter knew what John meant. He also knew better than to say anything, so he maintained a stony silence as Rick went on,

"So for the last month we've been comparing notes. Every time one of you got a spanking for something, we told each other. That night the other one of you got the exact same punishment.

Things became clearer to Peter now. He thought that he had received a few extra spankings recently, and some of them had been different than the past ones. Glancing sideways at Tim, Peter could see that he was thinking the same thing.

"A couple of weeks ago, we decided that since you were both getting the same punishments, wouldn't it be great if you could both get punished together at the same time. So that is why we are here. Before we go home Monday night, you both will have been punished for anything that you may have done in the past, and for things you may do in the future.

"Let me tell you right now, that if you don't obey our every order this week-end, not only will you each get the most severe ass-whipping you have ever had, when we get home, we will beat your ass every day, yes every day, until you beg us to come back up here so you can receive your punishment. Do I make myself clear?" asked Rick.

Once again Peter started to protest, saying, "Please John! Don't do this. I've never been punished in public before. Please don't!"

"Neither has Tim!" answered Rick, "Have you Tim?"

Staring at the floor to hide his embarrassment, Tim mumbled "No, I haven't. Please Rick, don't."

"Well then it's settled. You'll both be starting off the same." said John, " And speaking of starting, I guess we should get to it. Who wants to go first?" he asked. When neither Tim or Peter answered he continued,

"Peter, since you seemed to do most of the protesting, I think that you should go first. Is that O.K. with you Rick?" asked John, bring yet another exclamation from Peter.

"NO! JOHN! DON'T DO THIS, PLEASE!" he begged.

Ignoring this outburst, John said. "Tell you what, Rick. Why don't you help me start Peter out, and then I'll help you with Timmy boy."

"Sounds good to me," replied Rick. Turning to Tim he said, "If you move even one little finger while we are busy with Peter, you will get twice the punishment he receives. Understand?"

Helpless to argue and resigning himself to the situation Tim meekly replied, "Yes, I understand."

At that, Rick and John stepped up on either side of Peter and, grasping his arms, began to push him over to the back of the sofa. Still begging for mercy, Peter began to struggle with his captors, which Tim saw was a mistake. They roughly pushed him over the sofa back, so that his head was down and his jean clad bottom was positioned for spanking. As Tim watched in horror, John hooked his hands in the waistband of Peter's pants. While Rick held the wriggling Peter face down, John quickly lowered his pants and underwear to his ankles, exposing one of the nicest little asses that Tim had ever seen (excluding his own, he thought). The bronze skin of his bottom was only a shade or two lighter than the rest of his skin, so the tan lines were faint but noticeable as they outlined his quivering bottom. In spite of his predicament, Tim found himself becoming aroused as he watched the scene in front of him.

"JOHN! Please let me up! Please don't spank me, please!" Begged Peter in one more futile attempt to stop the punishment.

"I told you to be quiet, boy!" said John as both he and Rick produced paddles from under the sofa cushions. They looked like oversized Ping-Pong paddles, but Tim could see that they were constructed for punishment games instead. They were thicker and had holes drilled in them to cut down the wind resistance and sting more.

"Now, we are going to each give you five smacks, just to let you know we mean business. You count each one. If you don't count, we start over. When those are done, I'm going to give you five more, for fighting us so much. If you don't settle down right now, and stop moving, I'm going to double that! Understand?"

Peter finally gave up and prepared to accept his punishment.

"Yes, John. But please, not hard, O.K.?"

In answer to this plea, John raised the paddle over his head, and as Tim watched, delivered a stinging spank to Peter's left asscheek.

WHAACK! went the paddle as it connected with Peter's bare bottom.

"OOOWWWW!" yelled Peter as his hips bucked in response to the blow.

"He forgot to count. I'll guess we start over," said John, raising the paddle and once again administered a resounding smack to Peter's ass.

"OOWWWW! ONE!" Peter was remembering what he was supposed to do now.

Rick then delivered a blow to Peter's other cheek, which brought a howl of pain from his hapless victim.

"OOOCCCHH! TWO!" screamed Peter.

The spanking continued until both Rick and John had each given Peter's ass five stinging smacks, and he had counted each one. The fight had gone out of Peter now, and he lay over the sofa anticipating the next five spanks that John would give him. He knew it was no use to protest, it would only make things worse. His bottom stung and he was deeply embarrassed that his punishment was being witnessed by other people.

Tim could feel his cock growing hard as he watched Peter's bottom being spanked. The sight of Peter's ass, dancing under the blows of the paddle was something that Tim had not seen before. So enthralled was he by this scene, he almost forgot that in a minute he would be trading places with Peter.

John quickly gave Peter the five extra spanks for his disobedience and then ordered him to stand up. Peter made it to his feet with a struggle, and John led him back to where Tim was standing. Tim could not help but notice that for a guy who stood 5' 7", Peter had a pretty good sized cock. Peter kept his eyes down, not wanting to look Tim in the eye, knowing that Tim had just witnessed his humiliation.

"NEXT!" yelled Rick, as he and John grabbed Tim's arms and led him to the couch. Tim knew better than to argue. He did not want to get any extra punishment like Peter had gotten. He started to struggle a little as Rick began lowering his pants, but a stern look from Rick stopped any further protests.

As soon as Rick pulled Tim's pants down, he and John noticed Tim's state of excitement.

"Whoa, look at that!" exclaimed John. "The boy is all excited. He must like seeing poor Peter get his ass whipped." Tim felt the color creep into his face and he was rapidly losing his hardness.

"Well, let's see if Peter reacts the same way when he sees your bright red ass." said Rick, positioning Tim over the back of the sofa, with his bare bottom high in the air for Peter and the rest to see.

Peter was startled at the sight of Tim's naked ass. The muscles seemed to be rippling with anticipation as his bottom quivered slightly. This was something he also was not used to seeing, and in spite of the pain in his own bottom, Peter looked forward to seeing someone else get a share of the pain as well.

"You'll get the exact same spanking as Peter." announced Rick, as he and John took their positions. "Don't forget to count."

He raised his paddle and a second later red hot pain exploded across the right cheek of Tim's exposed bottom.

"OOOWWWW! ONE!" he yelled, remembering to count the blow. He wanted to get away with as short a punishment as possible.

WHHAAACCKK! John's paddle found it's mark on Tim's left asscheek.

"OOOUUCCHH!" he cried, "TWO!"

Peter watched as the spanking continued. Like Tim, he had never been in position to see a spanking from this angle. Usually he was face down while John was beating his ass. He found this new position to be strangely exciting, and he started to become aroused. His condition was readily apparent, since his pants were still around his ankles and his hands were behind his back. In spite of trying to control himself, his dick soon stood out straight in front of him for all to see.

SMAACCK! John delivered a stinging blow to Tim's red and burning bottom.

"OOOWWW! TEN!" counted Tim, relived that his torment was over. His relief was short lived though as Rick said,

"Since we have said that you will each get the same punishments this week-end, I'll now give you and extra five spanks so you'll be even with Peter. Before Tim could protest, Rick rapidly brought the paddle down across both of Tim's cheeks. Without pause, he delivered five solid spanks that had Tim squirming in agony. His screams of pain did not stop Rick from completing his task, and when he was finished Tim hung limply over the back of the sofa, unable to think about anything except the burning fire in his bottom.

Peter had taken in this last part of Tim's punishment with great joy. He was thoroughly excited by the sight of Tim's naked bottom, the pale skin of which contrasted sharply with his tanned legs and lower back. Both of these colors were in stark contrast to the angry red spots that now were visible on both of Tim's cheeks.

As Rick and John helped Tim to his feet, and took him back to stand by Peter, Rick noticed Peter's hard-on.

"Gee, it looks like they both are having fun, since they keep getting so excited. How about you Tim, still got that boner?"

The spanking had taken care of whatever excitement Tim had, and his cock now hung limp and defeated between his legs.

John ordered both Tim and Peter to turn and face the fireplace. He told them to bend at a forty-five degree angle from the waist and to stay like that. Knowing better than to argue, both were quick to obey, thus displaying their just spanked bottoms to their spankers, who sat together on the sofa and enjoyed the view.

Tim and Peter had been standing in this position for about ten minutes while Rick and John relaxed with a beer and gazed at the naked and reddened bottoms before them.

"All right, turn around, boys." ordered Rick.

Both Tim and Peter turned to face the others. John noticed that neither of them was aroused any more, as they stood with their dicks hanging limply. They both were still flushed with embarrassment though, as he could see by the color in their faces.

"After we explain what is going to happen the rest of the week-end, we might be nice and remove those handcuffs." said Rick. "That is, if you both promise to obey us. Or would you like to promise now, and we'll take them off right away?"

Both Tim and Peter were quick to promise anything to escape from the cuffs. Their arms were starting to ache from being in one position for so long.

"O.K., we'll start with Tim. We will take off the cuffs and test your obedience. If you fail, you get the cuffs for another hour."

John went to Tim and unlocked the cuffs. Tim brought his hands to the front and massaged his wrists.

"Strip!" ordered Rick.

Knowing better than to protest, Tim quickly removed his clothes and stood naked in front of the others, his muscular body on display. It was easy to see, thought Peter, that like himself, Tim must have spent a lot of time at the gym lifting weights. There didn't seem to be any fat on his body at all. Peter wondered what Rick would make Tim do next.

"Kneel in front of me and lick my shoes, boy!" commanded Rick.

Breathing a sigh of resignation, Tim knelt and began to do as he was told, once again putting his ass in view of Peter, who couldn't take his eyes off the crimson cheeks before him. Peter even had the thought that he would enjoy having Tim draped over his knee and spanking his bottom, even though he knew how much it hurt. He had never felt this way before, and it took all his self control to keep from becoming erect again.

Tim, meanwhile was busily performing his tongue job on Rick's shoes, hoping that Rick would let him stop this humiliating act soon and wouldn't make him do anything else.

As if to answer his thoughts, Rick said,

"Stand up, the first part of the test is over. For the second part of the test you will go outside and break off a switch from the tree in the yard. Make it a big around as your little finger, and make sure it has plenty of whip to it. Now Go!"

With his head hanging in defeat, Tim slowly went out to complete his task. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes as he imagined the switching that he was going to get. He had been switched before and it had hurt like hell. But to disobey meant even worse punishment. He had no choice but to do as Rick ordered.

When he returned with the switch about five minutes later, he saw that Peter was now naked and cleaning John's shoes, just as Tim had done to Rick. When he was done, he too was ordered to fetch a switch.

"Please John, don't whip my ass with a switch. Please!" he pleaded.

"Do you want to wear the cuffs again?" asked John.


"You disobeyed me. What should I do."

"I don't know."

"I know!" said Rick. He ordered Peter to the back of the couch and told him to assume the spanking position. When Peter's ass was in position, Rick turned to Tim.

"You may join him." he commanded.

"But I didn't do anything!" protested Tim.

"Whenever one of you gets punished, the other one gets the same. That is the way it will be all weekend. Now get your ass over that couch, right now!"

Giving Peter a look of anger, Tim bent over the back of the sofa next to him. Both of their naked asses were now presented for discipline.

Rick and John wasted no time. Taking a stance behind their captives, they began to paddle the bare bottoms before them.

WHAP! WHACK! SMACK! The paddles connected again and again with bare flesh.

"OOOWWW! OOOUUCH! OOWWW! PLEASE! STOP! OOWWW!" cried Tim and Peter as the paddles found their mark and their blazing bottoms seemed to dance along the back of the couch.

When each had received about ten smacks, John asked Peter,

"Are you ready to go get that switch now, or should we try twenty more first?"

"NO! NO! NO MORE! I'll go get the switch, please, no more!" cried Peter, much to Tim's relief, as he fought back tears from the sting of his asscheeks.

Peter was allowed to get up and went out to get his switch. Tim was ordered to once again stand in front of the fireplace, with his back to Rick and John until Peter returned. As they waited, Tim could hear Rick softly smacking the switch into the palm of his hand. A few times he whipped it through the air so Tim could hear the SWOOSH sound it made. He knew that soon he would feel the unbearable sting of it on his already sore ass.

Soon Peter returned, and reluctantly handed the switch to John, who then ordered him to stand next to Tim. Rick and John stood behind them and gently rubbed the switches across the bared bottoms in front of them. Tim and Peter both winced in anticipation as they felt the wood on their rear ends.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Tim readied himself for the first blow. Much to his surprise, it didn't come, as Rick said,

"You just about failed your first test. We are going to give you another chance, but just one. Remember if one of you does something wrong both of you will suffer the consequences. So Peter, before you open your mouth to argue again, remember that Tim is going to be punished for whatever you do wrong. Tim, the same goes for you. From now on, when you are told to do something, no matter what it is, you will say 'YES SIR!' and go do it. Whenever you speak to us you will always call us Sir. Anytime either one of you gets out of line, you will both get it. Understood?"

"YES SIR!" both Peter and Tim chorused.

"Good. Here are your uniforms. Put them on." ordered Rick. John handed each of them a pink tank top and a pair of black bikini briefs. The tank tops each had the words "I love to be spanked" written across the front in black letters. On the back were their respective names, and the words "I'm a BAD BOY!".

Tim and Peter didn't care what was written on the shirts. they just wanted to get some clothes on to hide their nakedness from the eyes of their tormentors. They quickly dressed and awaited further instructions.

"Whenever you hear the command "Drop 'em", you will pull your pants down to your ankles, and your shirt up to your armpits and stand at attention. If you are to be punished, you will not pull up your pants until your are told to do so. You will remain in whatever position you are placed in until you are told to move. Understand?"


"Good. Now Tim, you go put a pizza in the oven. Peter, you bring us a couple of beers and then help Tim set the table for supper. Go!" commanded Rick.

"YES SIR!" they responded as they headed for the kitchen.

Soon supper was ready, and the table set. Tim and Peter had performed their chores without hardly speaking. Tim wanted to talk, but decided it would be best to wait until another opportunity presented itself. He was dying to find out what Peter thought of all this, but like Peter was more than a little embarrassed by what had happened so far. He was sure they would talk later.

Rick and John entered the kitchen and looked at the table.

"Drop 'em! Both of you, right now!" ordered John.

Tim and Peter immediately pulled their briefs down to their ankles, and raised their shirts up and held them in place under their armpits. They stood staring straight ahead as Rick approached them.

"Why are there four places set at this table?" he asked Tim.

"S- so we can eat sir!" was the reply.

"Pick up those plates and things and I'll show you where you two will eat."

Tim and Peter picked up the utensils they would use and followed Rick over to the corner, where he directed Peter to place his things on the floor. He directed Tim to place his utensils on the floor in the opposite corner of the room.

"Now you will both stand by your plates, at attention and facing the table, while we eat. We will feed you if there is anything left. Make sure you hold up those shirts, and stay at attention!" Rick said.

While John and Rick enjoyed their meal, Tim and Peter remained standing at attention waiting for their turn to eat. Twice Peter saw Tim looking at his crotch, and he returned the gaze. He had to look quickly away however, so he wouldn't get a noticeable hard-on. He was sure that Tim was struggling with the same problem, from the looks of things.

Finally John and Rick were done eating. They told their two slaves to bring their plates to the table. They were then given two slices of pizza each and ordered to return to their corners. Once there, they were instructed to kneel down facing the wall. they would remain here until they were done eating.

"Oh by the way, boys. You can't use your hands to eat with. Keep them flat on the floor and just use your mouths. Now get started!" John said.

Tim and Peter bent to their meal. The pizza was hard to pick up with just their teeth but they managed to eat all of it. When they were done their faces were covered with tomato sauce and cheese. Once again they were ordered to stand at attention. They were told not to wipe their faces off until they were given permission. Rick allowed them to pull up their pants and fix their shirts, then told them to wash and dry the dishes and clean up the kitchen.

Rick and John went in the living room to relax with a beer, while Tim and Peter cleaned the kitchen. As they washed the dishes, Tim started to giggle at the sight of Peter's messy face. Peter, in turn laughed at Tim's.

"Man, you look like shit." he laughed.

"No worse than you, pizza face!" countered Tim.

"SHHH! They'll hear us!" warned Peter, but it was too late as John's form filled the doorway.

"Drop 'Em!" he bellowed. When the pair was standing at attention, he continued.

"What the hell are you two laughing at?"

"N-Nothing Sir!" squeaked Peter.

"No, nothing, Sir!" echoed Tim.

"You are both liars! Take your pants off! When Tim and Peter removed their pants from around their ankles, John took them.

"You'll get these back later, after your punishment. Now finish those dishes. And not another word out of either of you! Got it?"


Tim and Peter quickly finished their chores and reported to the living room where they were instructed to kneel in front of the couch to hear what their punishment would be.

"I want to know what you two were laughing at out there." Rick demanded. "You are already in trouble for lying, so don't make it worse by lying some more. Now Peter, what was so funny?"

"I-I was laughing at the pizza junk on Tim's face, Sir." was his reply.

"And Tim, what were you laughing at?"

"The same thing, Sir."

"You two are not here to laugh and have fun. You are here for discipline and punishment. Apparently, you have not been getting enough of either. We'll just have to keep at it until you learn. Now get your asses in the bathroom and wash that stuff off your faces and then get back here!"

Both Tim and Peter hurried to follow Rick's demands, not wanting to get a worse punishment than they knew they were already in for.

When they returned they saw that someone had placed two kitchen chairs in front of the fireplace, facing each other about six feet apart. Tim was afraid that he knew their purpose. In a moment his fears were realized, as he was grabbed by John and led to one of them and Rick grabbed Peter and took him to the other.

"We are going to teach you guys not to lie to us again!" growled John as he roughly shoved Tim face down over his knees. From the corner of his eye, Tim saw that Rick had placed Peter in the same up-ending position.

"Now Peter, tell me that you are sorry for lying and ask me to give you a good, hard bare bottom spanking!" ordered Rick.

"Please Sir, I'm very sorry for lying! I won't do it again, I promise! Please spank my bare bottom hard!"

"Now you do the same thing, Tim !" was John's command.

Tim was still trying to absorb the fact that he was almost naked and lying over the knee of someone other than Rick. He had never been in this position before, and was strangely excited by it.

A resounding slap to his bared bottom by John snapped him back to reality. "Please Sir,I'm sorry for lying! Please give me a good, hard spanking on my bare ass, Sir!"

Both Rick and John raised their paddles and began spanking the lying boys they had on their laps. They spanked in unison as both paddles always seemed to connect at the same time.

WHAAAP! WHAAACCKK! SPAANNKK! SLAAPP! "OWWW! OOOUCH! PLEASE JOHN! STOP! PLEASE! I'M SORRY! OOWWW! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN! OOUUCCH! PLEASE!" cried Tim as his excitement was replaced by the sting and burn of the paddle.

"AIEEE! OWWWW! NO! NO MORE! STOP RICK, PLEASE! NO MORE! OUCCH! PLEASE, STOP, IT HURTS TOO MUCH! OOOWWW!" echoed Peter, as Rick wielded his paddle effectively.

The spanking finally stopped when each had been given about twenty spanks that left their asses deep red and burning. They were once again made to apologize for lying before they were allowed to stand up and return the chairs to the kitchen. They didn't speak to each other as they went to put the chairs away. Both were on the verge of tears. Quietly they returned to the living room, where they saw John was holding a bottle of skin lotion. They were instructed to once again face the fireplace and bend over slightly, exposing their fiery cheeks to their spankers.

"Bottoms burning a little, boys?" asked John.


"I've got just the thing for you. Put your hands out behind you, palms up."

When they had done this, John squirted a generous amount of the lotion in each of their outstretched hands.

"Now you can start rubbing that all over those red asses of yours. And don't stop until you have rubbed it all in. After all, we have to keep those little hinders in shape for the rest of the weekend. Now start rubbing!"

Tim and Peter immediately started working the lotion into the tortured skin of their buttocks. At first the soothing lotion felt good, but as they continued to rub it in it seemed that their bottoms got more sensitive and began to burn even more. They were also aware of the fact that they were putting on quite a show for Rick and John, as they massaged their cheeks at a furious pace.

Finally, after approximately fifteen minutes has elapsed, they had rubbed in the last of the lotion. Rick had made them spread their cheeks apart to check that there was no unused lotion in their ass cracks. Their bottoms were much redder and more tender now than before, and they both silently prayed that they would not be spanked anymore tonight.

"Well, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow and it's after 11 o'clock, so I guess it's time to hit the sack." said Rick.

He ordered Tim and Peter to pick up the two sleeping bags that he had brought into the room while they were rubbing themselves. They were marched out to the back yard of the cabin to a pair of abandoned metal clothesline poles about ten feet apart. They were told to surrender their shirts, leaving them stark naked once again. The night was warm and had just enough of a breeze to keep the insects away. They were each led to one of the poles, and after dropping the sleeping bags, each had their right wrist handcuffed to the pole. The cuff would slide up and down the pole, but made sure they didn't wander off, John had told them, with a grin.

"Since you two like to laugh at each other so much, you can spend the whole night out here giggling like school girls. I would suggest that you get some sleep though, because we have a busy day planned for you. Goodnight!" be continued.

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