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Big Brother Could Spank
Part 1

by Jason

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Billy hated the arrival of summer. You'd think a 14-year-old boy would welcome the freedom of summer, but for Billy it meant his big brother Mark would be in charge at home. Mark was 17, and was responsible for babysitting Billy. Their parents realized Billy wasn't the easiest kid to get to mind, so Mark was specifically authorized to administer corporal punishment if he felt it was called for. And Mark took his responsibility seriously. The previous summer, Billy had frequently found himself across his brother's knees receiving a sound spanking. Although Mark was only allowed to use his hand, he was more than capable of making Billy's legs kick as the slaps cracked across the youngster's firm adolescent behind. For Billy what was worse was his brother's insistence that the spankings be administered across his knees. Billy felt that at 14 he was too big to be spanked "like a baby", even if the spankings were administered with pants on. He hoped that now that a new summer was beginning and that he was now 14 his brother would modify his method. On the third day of vacation, Billy was swimming in the pool while Mark and his friends, Jack and Frank, sat beside the pool discussing college plans. Billy had been in the pool about a half hour when Mark toward him his lips were getting purple and he was to get out for a while.

"I'm not cold," Billy argued.

"Get out now," his brother barked. With a scowl on his face -- and as slowly as he could -- Billy climbed out of the pool and walked by the older boys. As he passed, he muttered something under his breath.

"What did you say?" Mark asked.

"Nothing," snapped Billy, as he kept walking toward the house.

"I heard what he said," interjected Jack, "he called you a 'fucking bastard.'"

"Come here -- now," ordered Mark. Billy slowly walked back to his older brother.

"So you swore at me, huh?"

"I didn't say that, " replied Billy.

"Oh, so now, after giving me lip in the pool,and swearing at me , you're lying and insulting my friend? Well, I've had it. I'm going to tan your little backside." With that, he grabbed Billy by the wrist and led him, protesting, over to one of the lounge chairs. After sitting down, Mark put both hands around the elastic waistband of his brother's slender waist.

"I'm not going to get my pants wet, Billy, these are going to have to come off." With that, he jerked the younger boy's swim suit quickly down past his knee to his ankles.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, "yelled Billy, with the laughter of his brother's friends ringing in his ears, "mom and dad didn't say you could spank me bare."

"They didn't say I couldn't, either, wiseguy,"retorted his brother. Moving his hands quickly back up to Billy's now bare waist, Mark's strong hands quickly placed his brother face down across his jeaned lap. As Billy felt his bare thighs and privates rub against the denim of his brother's jeans while Mark adjusted the position of the younger's boy's bottom prior to commencing the spanking, and felt the cool early summer breeze caress his still damp backside, he couldn't help but feel a bit of pleasure in the midst of his embarrassment and anger.

"Can't you at least take me inside where Jack and Frank won't see?"

"They know what boys look like," replied Mark as he raised his right hand above his ear and brought it quickly down across his brother's squirming rear end.


"Ow!" Mark was surprised by how much louder the sound created by his hand was than when he spanked his brother on the seat of his pants. But what most surprised him was that he was getting excited; spanking his brother in the past had given him a certain sense of power, but now that Billy's tight little bottom was bare Mark was experiencing a diferent sensation. For the first time he noticed that his little brother had done a lot of growing since last summer. His bottom had lost its "baby fat" and although beautifully smooth and hairless, had much more defined contours. As slowly and methodically his open hand was brought down on Billy's butt, Mark noted with interest how the pearl white botttom was taking on a distinct pinkish tone with each slap. He also noted that with Billy's posterior unclothed, he could see the boy involuntarily tighten his cheeks in anticipation of each new smack. After a couple of minutes of spanking, Billy was sobbing loudly and frantically kicking his bare legs in an effort to break free of his brother's hold. Although the slender boy was himself in good shape from his swimming regimen and participation on the 8th-grade soccer team, he continued to be held firmly in place by his brother's left arm , which was wrapped around Billy's waist so that the hand was resting on his tummy. Mark noted with interest that, despite his brother's obvious discomfort from the stinging blows, the latter was experiencing an erection that pressed against his brother's hand and lap. As the spanking continued, Mark made it a point to apply his hand at every point on his brother's behind, reddening it from the top of his crack to just above his thighs. He was dsetermined to make this a spanking that Billy would remember -- Mark had big plans for the summer, and he wasn't going to see them ruined by Billy.

"Please, Mark, you're killing me," yelled Billy, who by this time felt as if his bottom was being stung by a million hornets, "I promise I'll behave. Just stop spanking me." Mark's thoughts were interrupted by Frank.

"You know, Mark, I really think he's had enough. His butt is as red as a beet." Reluctantly, Mark ceased the rhythmic spanking but continued to hold his still squirming naked brother across his lap.

"Okay, Billy, I hope you got the message. You better learn real fast who's in charge, or your going to spend the summer standing up. Is that clear?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir," sobbed Billy. Mark lifted him off is lap and turned him to face Frank and Jack.

"Now apologize to Jack for calling him a liar, and thank Frank for his concern about your sorry butt." Sheepishly, Billy looked at the two older boys; "I didn't mean to call you a liar, Jack, I'm sorry. And thank you Frank for getting Mark to stop."

"Alright, go in and get dressed," Mark ordered, "and bring us out some cold drinks." Feeling chastened and very much the little boy, Billy picked up his bathing suit and walked into the house, still holding on to his very sore fanny and hoping it would be a quick summer. When he got inside, he stood in front of the full-length mirror and saw that his entire bottom was tomato-red, along with his eyes. It wasn't fair. None of his friends were still spanked, and here he was, about to go into high school, and looking at his thoroughly thrashed bare backside. He'd rather be given the belt across the seat of his pants than be hand-spanked bare bottom. If any of his friends found out he still got spanked this way -- and by his brother -- he'd never live it down. Something had to be done. He was going to talk to his parents that night. Mark would be mad, but he was almost as tall as his brother and only two and a half years younger; he shouldn't have to take bare bottom spankings from him, particularly in front of others. (To be continued)

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