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Big Brother, Little Brother

by Dave Mack

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Despite all my efforts Eddie still got into trouble. No matter what I said or did to punish him he still got in trouble in school, got suspended broke his cerfew by over an hour and simply didn't follow the rules. Grounding him did no good as he came in from school when he felt like it and on weekends I had to watch him like a hawk lest he'd sneak or or use the phone. Spanking him worked best but that was only short term relief. Threatening him was useless. Only when I ultimately did spank him did he behave but as I said it would only be for a day or two. As summer vacation was to begin next week I considered punishing him for the summer. I decided to first have a talk with my oldest son Randy.

Randy knew the problems Eddie presented. He tried talking with him brother to brother but it did no good. As he had brought this wayward boy home he felt responsible for his actions. I assured him he was not to blame. I told him "If Eddie was an angel you couldn't take credit. As he's a problem you don't assume the blame either."

By this time Randy had become a fine young man. He worked almost fulltime and even helped out with food expenses when he could. He was no longer a boy! Still he did feel responsible for Eddie. Again tonight when Eddie didnot adhere to his grounding but stayed out til after supper I had to spank him. As before it was on his bare ass but this time I used the strap. He screamed and cried and begged me to stop. I told him I'd stop when he learned to do what he was told. After about 10 minutes of whipping his bare ass I sent him to bed. Though he was now almost 15 I felt I had no alternative way to punish him. It wasn't two days later he broke his grounding again!

It was Randy who made a suggestion. He planned a camping trip with several of his friends, all of them gay. He asked if he could take Eddie along. He said perhaps he and his friend could "get his ass in gear." As I saw no other alternative I agreed. The school year was to end next Friday. I told Eddie about the possibility of his going on the camping trip. He was thrilled. I told him however he was still grounded and if he broke it even once the trip was off. To my surprise he was on his BEST behaviour. Not once did he try to sneak out, use the phone or give me one ounce of trouble. Perhaps giving him this incentive to behave had paid off. Randy too told him one skrew up and no trip. Eddie was anxious to "get out" as the weather was hot and he liked the idea of being with his big brother and his friends. We still weren't sure of his orientation but Randy and I assumed he was basicly strate as he talked about girls a lot. This we figured was something we'd just have to live with.

The morning of the trip Eddie was up by 5 and woke Randy who had been so busy packing the night before that he didn't get to bed til after 12. Randy got up and showered while Eddie made a pot of coffee. About 6 the other boys showed up in their van. Peter and John, both also 17 as was Randy had been a little reluctant to bring Eddie along, not only because of his attitude problem but because they really didn't want a "strate" with them. Randy had to do a fair amount of arm twisting to get them to agree. Unbeknownst to me he had a plan he had shared with his friends to "punish" Eddie.

They filled the thermos bottles with coffee while Eddie finished packing and shortly after 7 they were off.. It would be at least a week til my boys would be home. What bliss, what peace and quiet,..what BOREDOM!

They took turns driving, all except Eddie of course. But the boys kept the conversation light and easy. No mention was made of his behaviour problems tho all three boys were well aware of what happened during the just ended school year. They were determined that when the vacation was over they make him a good boy from now on.

The drive to the mountains of New Hampshire took about 3 and 1/2 hours. They got a campsite at the foot of Mount Chocoura in Conway NH. After setting up camp they went to the nearby grocery store for supplies. They stocked the campsite and then drove down the Kancamaugus Highway for a swim at the water falls. They stayed til almost sundown frollicking and horseing around. They gave no hint of what was to happen tonight. They treated Eddie as one of the guys!

Back at the campsite they had dinner and a few beers. As they got up so early that morning they all turned in early. In the tent all of them stripped down naked, except Eddie. The boys all began to razz him about being "scared". Randy said it was probably `cause he was embarrassed to have his still red ass seen by all the guys. Eddie was stunned that Randy would say anything. He stripped off his briefs and got under the covers between Randy and John. Eddie wispered to Randy "Why'd you say that? The guys don't need to know." "WE KNOW" said Paul and John in unison. "And we think the way you have treated Randy and your dad sucks" said Paul. "If I did the shit you do my dad would have my ass in a sling." "What you need is a lesson you'll never forget" said John. "Yeah and just what are you gonna do anyway" said Eddie trying to sound macho. "Hey smart boy" said John. "About 6 months ago I got caught breaking cerfew by over an hour. It wasn't the first time and my dad about wore out the strap on my ass. It was the first time I got my ass spanked since I was about 11. Believe me it will be the last. He treats me like a man but when I skrewed up that bad I got what I deserved. You just are a fuck up and you need to be taught a lesson."

Before he knew what happened to him all three boys grabbed Eddie. Struggling was useless. Randy sat up and they pulled his little brother over his lap. From somewhere in one of the sleeping bags John pulled out a piece of old belt about 15 inches long and handed it to Randy. "Dad has never let me punish you but he's not here now." "We're gonna bring this strate little shit down a few pegs tonite" said John. Paul said, "Yeah and I know just how to make it so he'll never forget this as long as he lives." He asked Randy to open his legs so Eddie was straddling him. He then laid on his back under the boys limp cock. "Anytime your ready" Paul told Randy. Paul opened his mouth just as Randy brought the strap down on Eddie's ass. "OWWWW" he yelled and his cock slipped into Pauls mouth. Before Eddie knew what was happening Randy gave him another blow with the strap. "OOOOOch, that hurts, STOP! " "You've had this coming for a long time, strate boy, a blow job spanking" yelled John. He said to Randy, Lets make this even more interesting. He then went to his bag and pulled out a dildo. Randy continued the spanking while Pauls mouth engulfed the now rock hard cock. Eddie was bucking like a broncko and yelling/crying loudly. Fortunately the nearest campsite was over a mile away so his screams fell on deaf ears.

John greased up the dildo. Eddie had no idea what was about to happen. All he knew was his ass hurt like hell from the strapping and his cock felt great being sucked. He didn't know if he was in pain or pleasure. He was definately unprepared for the dildo. Eddie's cheeks were parted pretty wide and without warning John started to insert the dildo up his 15 year old ass. Eddie tried to put his hand back by his ass to stop it but John was prepared and within seconds had tied his wrists in front of him in a sailors-type knot. Without losing a stroke he continued pushing the dildo in and out. When it was in beyond his cheeks Randy resumed the wipping. All this time Paul continued to suck on the boys cock. Eddie was screaming for mercy but none of the boys had any intentions of stopping. "AAAAAAAHHHHH yelled Eddie as he suddenly blew his load down Pauls eager throat. Randy continued with the belt. Suddenly, without warning Paul and John traded places. "My, strate boys are tasty" Paul said in his "queeny" voice. "And such nice red hot cross buns too" 'Now I want a load of boy spunk" said John as he put his lips around the softening cock. How much more could Eddie take. John began sucking the teens cock and stroking his balls to stimulate him back to a full hard on. Paul asked Randy to momentarily stop the whipping so he could wet Eddies ass with cold water."I remember how much worse a spanking hurt when you are wet" he told the boy.

He rubbed the sore, red parted buns for a few moments then suddenly grabbed the dilldo out of his ass. "AHHHH" sighed Eddie. He thought he had relief. "Now it's my turn" said Paul as he took the strap from Randy. Randy made sure his little brother kept his cheeks parted wide. Paul then began the spanking anew using the strap on an angle so as to get right down to his ass crack and hole.Eddie was in intense pain and begging for the spanking to stop. "You gonna give dad any more trouble" shouted Randy. Eddie made no reply. John, still sucking his cock squeezed his balls while Paul gave him a half a dozen real hard strokes with the strap. "I asked you a question little boy. Are you gonna stop giving Ron a hard time and start following the rules?" "YYYEEESSSS" Eddie replied, half saying, shouting and crying all at once. "Are you sure" asked Randy. Eddie hesitated. "WHACK" Paul came down on the boys now very tender ass. "Yes, yes Yes. No more trouble. I promise." You gonna become a real member of the family? "Yeah" he replied as best he could. "Now tell me honest and true are you strate or gay" asked Randy. "Both I think" said Eddie as Paul had momentarily stopped the spanking. "Which do you prefer" asked Paul. "Boys" said Eddie. "BOYS". I've sucked guys before but I was afraid to tell." "Do you like the attention you're getting now between your ass being spanked and your dick being sucked". "OHHH Yeahhh" moaned Eddie. "You sorta like dad spanking you, don't you" asked Randy. "Kind of" his little brother replied. Suddenly without warning Paul again worked on his ass with the bet. "No more trouble any more for your brother or dad right?" He asked. "Yeah" Eddie moaned and just then gave up his second load in about 15 minutes. Paul gave Eddie a few more strokes with the belt until he finally felt the boy had had enough.

Eddie just lay over his big brothers lap quivering. "Ok kid, it's over for tonight. But tomorrow night we intend to have another session to be sure you've really learned your lesson. Do you understand?" inquired Randy. "Yeah, I understand", moaned Eddie. "Just one more thing" said Peter. You will have to suck off all three of us before this trip is over. In that way we can be sure you really DO prefer guys. You're gonna learn no more girls, right?" He gave Eddie a hard slap across his still very sore ass. "Yeah, definately" the boy replied. All three guys then gave gave Eddie six hard spanks just for good measure. He began crying again. "Ok now lets all get to bed for tonight" said Randy. With that all four turned in for a peaceful nights sleep, all except Eddie who was rubbing his tender sore buns. Randy told him to lie face down on top of his sleeping bag and he proceeded to massage his little brothers buns until he finally fell asleep....

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