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Big Brother Disciplines Me

by Mark

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The worst spanking that I ever received came at the hand of my step-brother. My step-father spanked me often, usually with a paddle, but nothing he ever dished out was as bad as the one one given to me by Chris. (my stepbrother)

At the time I was fourteen, Chris had just turned eighteen. Chris, in adition to being four years older than me, was considerably stronger. I was fairly thin while he was built, about six foot and one hundred and sixty solid pounds. I was in his room with a friend, searching for smoke bombs that I knew he had somewhere. My friend and I thought that it would be cool to play with the bombs and I told him that I could steal them from my brother. I found three of the bombs in Chris's top drawer and took one.

Needless to say Chris noticed that the smoke bomb was gone. Worse for me, he realized when my mother and step father were out and he was supposed to be baby sitting for me. He came into my room while I was reading a magazine.

"Come here," he ordered.

I got up and he grabbed me, spun me around and held me arms behind my back.

"You stole my smoke bomb, Didn't you. You little punk."

I tried o protest, but it was hopeless, I knew I couldn't escape his grasp, I was at Chris's mercy.

"Fine," he said, "I'll give you what you deserve."

With that he proceeded to march me down to the basement.

"Take off your clothes." he orderd

I protested. His response was to grab my arm and twist it behind my back until I agreed to strip. I removed my shirt. As I did so I saw Chris pick up a wooden paddle off of the ping pong table which was in the basement. I realized what he was going to do, and how much it was going to hurt. I proceeded to take down my jeans and step out of them. I was now standing in front of Chris in my briefs and socks. He looked at me,

"Strip naked, now." he ordered.

I had no choice. I took off each sock and layed it aside. Then I reluctantly lowered the briefs to my ankles. By now Chris had the paddle. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and dragged me to a brown padded chair which was in the corner of the basement. He sat down and then pulled me over his lap. As he did so my briefs fell off of my ankles.

"Here you go kid," he said. "This is what you get for messing with my suff.

With that he brought the paddle down squarly on the left side of my butt. I yelped, shocked at how much force he had hit me with. Instinctively I kicked my legs and my arms flailed. The process was repeated at least ten more times. Then he spoke to me.

"Stop kicking or it will get worse," he said.

But I couldn't help my legs, the spankning really hurt. Finally he said "get up"

I though he was done with me. I was wrong.

"Stand there." he ordered, pointing at the floor in front of the chair.

He went under the ping pong table and resurfaced with several lengthes of nylon rope.

"what are you doing?" I half said, half sobbed. His only answer was to tell me to lie on the floor. I did and he quickly bound my ankles together. Then he pulled me wrists over my head and did the same with my wrists. I was hog-tied and helpless.

He picked me up on to my feet and then laid me over his lap again. My tied wrists and ankles hung over either side of him. Then he really let me have it. The strokes were harder, and he waited for each to set in before proceeding. Through my sobs I begged him to stop and untie me. He just kept swatting, occasionally ordering me to shut up. I was bawling.

Finally, after what had to be one hundred strokes on both sides of my but, Chris stopped. He picked me up and let me down on the ground on my chest. I was still bound hand and foot and couldn't get up, let alone move very far.

"Now, he said, you're going to stay here. I'll be back"

I heard him speak on the phone upstairs. A few minutes latetr the doorbell rang. I could tell by the voice that it was Chris's friend John. The two came downstairs. I couldn't believe this. Not only had he spanked me into submission, he was going to show me off to his friend. Chris proudly showed his hadiwork, as I lay whimpering. John seemed genuinely impressed. When the both of them were done examining, John left.

Chris returned and rolled me on to my back so that he could see my face. My cheecks were red from crying. He looked at me and said,

"Alright, I'm going to untie you now. You tell anyone about this I'll give it to you twice as hard, you understand?"

I nodded weakly so he replied, "You understand?"

"Yes." I said so that he could hear me.

With that he untied my ankles and then my wrists. He pulled me to my feet. "Get dressed." he ordered.

I did as I was told. I never told anyone about the spankning and you can bet that I never did anything to incurr Chris's wrath again. Once from my step brother was plenty. My butt ached for days.

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