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by Billy Budd

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 15 Dec 1997

It was a hot afternoon. I had just been to the drug store and got myself a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly. I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus to bring me home. In the sweltering heat, I saw a Chinese construction worker washing some of his tools under a faucet. He was wearing a blue work jacket over a dirty T-shirt and a pair of brown denim jeans that used to be white.

I watched as his sinewy arms worked at his tools, cleaning off cement and mud under the water. He looked up at me and saw me staring at him with unmistakable lust in my eyes. He shot me a grin and winked. My cock stirred.

I got up and walked across the road to where a half-built house was standing. I smiled at him. I couldn't speak much Chinese so I didn't really know what to say. He asked me in Chinese what my name was and I answered as well as I could. He got the hint that I couldn't speak his lingo. He unabashedly put his fist up to his mouth and motioned if I wanted to blow him. I nodded.

He led me to the skeletal house and up a bare unfinished stairway. Then, in what would have eventually been a room, I saw an opened out cardboard box and a narrow wooden saw horse.

The worker had taken his jacket off and was rubbing his crotch through his jeans. I smiled and walked up to him. He grabbed me by my neck and forced my head down to his crotch and rubbed my face into his smelly denim. As disgusted as I was, my dick burst to life in my briefs and ached to be released.

He did not keep me waiting for he pulled me up by my shirt and pulled off my shorts and my shirt, leaving my tented out briefs. He pinched my nipples with dirty callused fingers which caused me wince in pain.

He took off his clothes and sat down on the cardboard. He held out his dick for me. I took my cue and went down on his funky 8 inch uncut cock. I slurped at the head of his cock which drew moans from the burly man. Impatiently, he push my head down o n his cock causing to me choke and sputter. Relentlessly, he started pumping my head up and down on his thick cheesy man meat while I tried to catch my breath.

With one hand working my head, he used the other to rip off my briefs. Sharp blows stabbed on my buttocks as he administered slap after slap on my smooth bum.

His large cock pistonned in and out of my throat as he slapped my buns. My own cock was hard as a ramrod but I could not play with myself as I could barely keep myself supported with both my hands and both my knees. With my nose buried in his bush, I was treated to an overdose of his funky man smell of sweat from a hard day's work.

He pumped my head furiously and with one final stroke he pushed his large dick deep in my throat which spewed out load after load of his seed which I gulped down hungrily.

After a brief moment of recuperation, he still held on to the back of my neck. Then, without warning, he let out a strong flow of thick piss. With his still turgid cock in the back of my throat, I had no choice but to swallow his rank piss lest I drown.

With a snicker he pulled out his surprisingly hard cock and pulled me up by my hair.

I could still taste his tangy cum in my mouth as I stood in front of my rough burly lover. He yanked me forward and planted his thick dry lips onto mine and kissed me furiously.

Then, just as abruptly, he pushed me down to the floor. He stood with each of his legs at my sides and ripped off the remnants of my briefs. I knew that he was getting ready to fuck me. I didn't try to struggle. I wanted it. I wanted his fat prick fucking the hell out of my butt. I wanted him to fuck me till I saw stars.

And, see stars I did, because he plunged straight into me with only my spit as lubrication. I did nothing to hold back the scream which must have been heard by the people waiting at the bus stop across the road.

He didn't spare me and rammed away like a crazy bull at my sore ass. As painful as it was, my dick remained hard. This crazy construction worker was filling me with feelings I had never felt before. He fucked my throat ruthlessly and I enjoyed it, and he was fucking my ass mercilessly and I craved it.

He said nothing but grunted with every down stroke. I howled, groaned, moan, whined and whimpered with every thrust. I wanted his abuse and I wanted it badly.

His foul smelling body pressed on top of mine and he was drooling on my cheek. It was more than I could take and I shot my spunk in a huge orgasm that sent me to heaven for a few minutes. All the while he kept up the assault on my sore ass.

After I landed on earth he pulled out his weapon rudely. With amazing strength, he flipped me over. He yanked my feet up and shoved his club back in.

With a yelp and a whimper, my dick shot straight up to attention again. He really impressed me with his flexibility when he bent down and started to lick up my cum which had sprayed onto my stomach and chest.

He fucked me with audible slaps of his groin against my bum, as his huge balls banged on my butt. It was clear that he was going to ride me for some time.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming up the stairway. My crazed fucker seemed to not have heard the footsteps and carried on pounding at my butt with his back to the unfinished doorway.

My dick deflated as I saw two coal dark Indian policemen entering our fuck chamber. The first cop, who was about 6' 7" tall and a huge pot belly, was slapping his billy club on his right thigh, and he had a stark grin on his face. His friend was alread y fumbling with his shiny belt buckle. He was much shorter and thinner than the first cop.

My Chinese fucker could not have missed the sound of the short cop's pants falling, but he still fucked me hard and constantly with his eyes clenched.

The short cop stepped in front of the Chinese construction worker with his shiny black ass to me and grabbed the fucker's head. Without opening his eyes, my crazed fucker opens his mouth and let the short cop shove his 4 inches into the gaping mouth.

It only took that to get my dick back to life. I started jacking my cock wildly and actually forgot about the other cop. That was when I felt a sharp slap on my arm. I opened my eyes to see the big naked Indian cop with his big billy club and his HUGE 11-inch ass killer.

The big man stood over me and lowered his fat ass onto my face. I reached out my tongue to his pink asshole, surrounded by dark curly hairs. As it lowered to my face I caught a whiff of his stinking ass and nearly puked. Nevertheless, the grimy fat co p pushed his ass to my face and started to rub it up and down my face.

I was getting horny as hell with the butthole face-washing I was getting and the ass pounding in the rear. I could hear the men the moaning and the sound of the Chinese worker slurping on the short cop's short cock.

The corn holing I was getting got harder and deeper and more intense. With one huge slam into my butt the randy bull fucker shot his sperm into my sore ass. Each time I felt his cum hosing my insides, my body spasmed.

Just as he pulled out, I felt a soft mouth hit my stretched out asshole. The mouth starting sucking as I felt the smelly fucker's cum slowly flow out of my ass. The intense sensation got my cock jumping.

The fat cop got off my face and stuck his billy club at my mouth and told me to suck it. I opened my mouth obediently and let him push down his billy club. I gave head to the thing like I was doing it for the man's cock itself. I licked it, slurped at it and sucked it like a real cock.

Meanwhile, the short fat cop had gotten off my ass and was slurping at the Chinese man's ass. He should have been spent but was moaning again like a cat in heat.

My attention was brought back to the fat cop as he pulled the billy club out of my mouth. His fat prick flopped half hard between his legs as he walk to my legs. He lifted up my legs and brutishly rammed the billy club in hole. I screamed and try to w riggle free but his partner came over to keep me in place.

The Chinese stud got up and went towards the short cop who abandoned him when the fat cop needed help. The horny construction worker went down on the short cop's ass and had the puck sized man writhing with pleasure. The short cop stuck his puny dick i nto my mouth and fucked my mouth while his partner was stretching my asshole with his club.

All this while my dick was relentlessly throbbing to the hot action that I was subjected to. I wanted to jerk myself off but my hands were securely held by the short but strong cop. I had to settle for humping air to the rhythm of the fucking I got in my ass by the big hard black billy club. My dick spurted pre cum as the huge sexy cop pounded at my prostate while he wanked his own marble hard, black and pink cock.

The short cop was moaning and drooling on my chest. He piston-fucked my face. Although he had small dick, he fucked my face really hard and I felt my lips burning from the friction.

In the meantime, the fat Indian cop had taken out his baton and thrown it away to the wall. He pulled my nuts down until they ached in their tight scrotum wrapping. He started nibbling on the scrotum. From the great stretching, it hurt like hell. Wit h the cock fucking my mouth, my scream came out as a moan which encouraged the huge cop to bite harder and faster. Soon, he started to bite onto my balls. A dull ache which started in my tortured gonads rose up to my stomach. My moans urged him to clam p down on my balls with his teeth with more fervour.

He soon bored of the exercise and let go of my balls. Just as I relaxed, I felt a hard smack of his palm against my defenseless testicles. My abdominal muscles contracted in the reflex action of doubling over but my limbs were held firmly by the two st rong policemen. I had barely the chance to recover from the first blow when he hit my balls again. My body convulsed in pain. He hit again, and again, and again. My head was swimming in a cloud of pain.

Before I could recover, I felt my legs being lifted up. Then I felt a huge cock head at the entrance of my ass. My scream was muffled by the cock in my mouth as the huge cop rammed his gargantuan fuck meat into my ass. He rammed in and out of me deli riously.

The cock humping my mouth started to enlarge before I felt a stream of cum shooting down the back of my mouth. I swallowed the ball juice feverishly.

Then I felt a hand on my cock. My prick was surprisingly hard. I had a whole baseball bat up my ass and was writhing in pain and my slut cock was loving it. The short Indian cop was lying by my side recuperating after his ordeal in my mouth. He twea ked my nipples violently. The Chinese stud was stroking my cock as he kissed the big cop passionately.

As I feared, my cock began to spurt ribbon after ribbon of sperm juice. It splashed all over my chest and stomach, and the Chinese fucker's arm. He turned to me and started to lick the cum off my body and then proceeded to nibble on my nipples. His ge ntle nips soon turned into hard chomps which drew screams from me which soon turned to moans of ecstasy. This was crazy, I thought. I have never been in so much pain, my nipples were probably bleeding, my ass being ripped open by a huge horse cock and I was more turned on than ever!

It didn't take long for my cock to become ramrod hard again. The Indian cop that was fucking me pulled out his horse cock with a pop. He inserted three fingers into my ass and fucked me. It was slow but it was really hard too. Then, he push in his pin kie. Before long, he curled his thumb and pushed it into my ass. My ass was really on fire as he slowly shoved his hand into me.

I screamed in pain as his knuckles pushed pass my sphincter and his hand slipped into my ass. My ass muscles clamped down on his wrist. I had never felt so full before. The Indian policeman started to rotate his hand in my ass. My cock was spurting pre cum again. He slowly curled his fingers in to form a fist. I let out a long moan of pleasure as his fingers massaged my insides.

Then, the huge cop shoved his fist deeper and slowly pulled out again. I started thrashing about but the Chinese stud and the short Indian cop held me down. The fist in my ass started to fuck me harder and faster.

My system was in sensory overload. I could not hold back the tide of orgasm as it washed from deep in my ass to my whole body. For the third time in the last 2 hours I was coming.

As my body went limp, the hot cop at my rear slowly retracted his fist. I thought he was going to pull his hand out but he stopped just before he pulled it all out.

He pushed his hips closer and started to slip his cock slowly into my ass along his arm. He stretched my ass so far that I was sure it was bleeding. I felt as if I was being torn apart. He took his huge meat in his hand and started to jack off in my st retched out ass. He did not do this slowly. This man was fisting me cruelly while he jacked off on his own cock. Before long, my screams of pain turned to moans to incomparable pleasure.

While I was flying off to another world, the Chinese stud stretched out my balls in my sack and slapped them with his rough callused hand. Blow after painful blow came raining down on my swollen balls. Tears flowed down my cheeks as my gonads got tortu red.

Meanwhile, the fisting I received got faster and faster. To keep the noise level down the responsible policeman placed his hairy black ass on my mouth to muffle my cries. Even in my crazed state I was aware enough to stick my tongue out to eat his ass.

Not very soon after, the big cop pulled out his cock and shoved his hand deep in my bowels, further stretching my ass muscles with his thick arm, as he shot his hot man cum onto my cock and balls. The cum eating Chinese stud quickly lapped up the semen from my burning balls and my aching (and surprisingly hard) cock.

The blows to my balls stopped and the fist was slowly removed . I concentrated on eating the butt in my face. I didn't know what the other two men were doing but very soon, I felt two pairs of hands lifting my legs apart. Then I felt two huge cockhead s at my over-stretched man cunt. The two cocks slid in without much difficulty and started to fuck my ass with perfect timing.

The cop whose ass was in my face began jerking off. He didn't just put his ass at my face. He was sitting on me; I could feel all of his weight on my face as I licked, bit and slurped at his butt.

The fucking was hard and fast. Very soon, I was moaning in utter ecstasy into the butt in my face. I was in ass heaven - an ass in my face and my own ass being overworked by too overlarge cocks.

With no one to restrain me, I started to jerk wildly at my hard and pre-cum shooting cock.

The cock above my face started to cum as his ass muscles clamped down on my tongue, trapping it in its tight folds. His cum shot onto my chest, and dribbled down his cock and balls and onto my chin.

As if on cue and perfectly timed, the cocks in my ass rammed into my aching butt and shot sperm into my guts almost simultaneously. My hand flew at my bitch meat and let my jizm fly.

I came four times in two and a half hours. I had never come so many times in such a short period before in my life.

The ass lifted off my face and the two cocks yanked out of my ass. The huge Indian cop offered me his shit, blood and cum covered hand to clean. I licked his fist obediently. When he was satisfied, he stood up and let go a stream of rank piss on me. T he other two studs followed suit and pissed all over me. They drenched me with their piss. I opened my mouth and gulped down as much as I could.

I was their sex slave, their toilet, their ass cleaner, their punching bag, their convenient hole. I was theirs to use as they pleased.

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