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Bill's Last Spanking

by Bill

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The last time I was spanked, I was 17 years old. We lived on a farm and I had quit school to help my father. One morning in July, He asked me to clean the barn. I protested because I was supposed to meet my girl friend. He said I had to my chores first because he had to go to town.

I waited until he was gone then I left to meet my girl friend (Becky). I brought Becky back to my place and we went into the barn. (We were both horny) We hadn't been together in two weeks. We stripped naked and laid in the hay. While we were making love, My father came in. Becky was embarrassed and she put her clothes on. He wasn't mad about what we doing, He knew we had sex. He was mad that I didn't clean out the barn.

I said I would do it now, And I start to dress. He said "just a minute young man" I looked at him. He said I think you have a licking coming and I want Becky to watch this, Maybe next time she will make sure you have your work done BEFORE you play together. I started to cry. I said "PLEASE DAD, NOT IN FRONT OF BECKY",But he wouldn't listen.

He made me lean over the edge of the workbench and he tied my hands to it. then he called my mother on the intercom and told her to come out and bring my brothers and sisters with her. He also said not to forget the razor strap and paddle. hearing this I cried harder and pleaded. In the position I was in, My anus was totally exposed for all to see. I thought I would die of humiliation.

He started hitting my bare ass with the paddle as hard as he could. He had Becky count the strokes and she was also crying, Seeing me in this position. I was screaming and begging right from the first stroke. She counted 100 strokes (50 on each cheek).

After that, He let me lay there crying for about 5 minutes. Then he picked up the strap and hit me another 50 times. I was really screaming and howling this time. And when he untied me, I was running and jumping all over the barn rubbing my blistered bum.

Part 2 of my punishment was almost as bad. The next 2 days I had walk around the house naked and I wasn't allowed to hide. Everybody who came to our house could see my red ass and my dad would tell them what happened. I ended up marrying Becky and we talk about it all the time and now she spanks me.


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