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Bill's Worst Spanking

by Bill

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My father was the one who spanked us, And as you can tell from my letter he was pretty severe.

I remember one time when I was 11, We were on our way to the cottage. My two younger brothers and I were in the back seat and we started fighting as brothers sometimes do.

My mother told us to stop two or three times, But we kept arguing. Until I tried to hit my brother and I accidently hit my father instead. He got really mad. He pulled into the driveway of a house and asked the lady if we could use her yard for awhile. She looked puzzled but she said okay.

She had three girls and two boys of her own ranging in age from about 8 to 14.My mother went over to talk her and explain what we were doing. She told the kids to go in the house, But my father said they could watch if they wanted to. Unfortunatly they said yes.

He made us strip naked and told my brothers to sit at the picnic table. We were all crying because we knew what was coming next. He took off his belt and put me over the front of the car and began whipping my bare ass. I was howling and screaming but he kept going until he had hit me 50 times. He let me up and I was hopping up and down rubbing my red cheeks. Then he did the same to my brothers one at a time until we were all crying. all the while these strangers were watching us.

Then because it was me who started fight, He put me over the car again and whipped my already blistered bum another 50 times. I was really screaming this time and I was running and jumping all over the yard.

He thanked the woman and she said her kids get the same thing when they are bad.

He wouldn't let us get dressed, so we rode naked the rest of the way to the cottage. The car had leather seats and it was a very hot friday afternoon so you can imagine how the hot seat felt on our sore asses.

When we got to the cottage, We got another one. Needless to say we didn't have a very pleasant weekend.

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