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Twelve beats Fourteen -- Twice

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of (parental) spanking, shaving, and some gay sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Both Zak and his buddy, Eddy, were fourteen.  They had both gone to the mall last night and Eddy had slept over at Zak's.  They had stayed out late -- very late -- and correspondingly got up late.  After breakfast they were about to go out when Zak's dad called them into the family room.  "What time did you get home last night, boys?"

"Just about midnight, dad." said Zak giving a hedging answer, knowing that it had actually been after and that his father knew too.  He sensed what was about to happen, and he didn't want his friend to watch.  It was bad enough he was still spanked at his age when he was practically a MAN; he already had a nice bush in his crotch like the upperclass guys did.  But with Eddy watching it would be even worse, although, fortunately, his kid brother, Jimmy, was out.  "Dad, can we do this tonight, please." he asked with a pleading voice.  "Sorry, son, you know the rules; it has to be now."

Just then the back door opened and Jimmy and his friend, Eddy's kid brother Sammy, came in.  Jimmy and Sammy knew that their big brothers were in trouble for they had overheard their dads talking on the phone just a few minutes ago.  They had hoped they were in time to see the big guys get punished.  A long time ago, Jimmy had learnt that it was great fun watching his big brother get his comeuppance.  Then he always imagined himself in their father's place dishing it out something that a younger brother could never do.  As soon as they heard "... and what time were you due home, Zak?" they smiled at each other.  They would see the entire show.  As the two younger boys entered the room, Zak turned a little paler.  He hated that his kid brother and friend would see him being punished for he felt very humiliated.  He did not like that Eddy was there but at least they were buddies and Eddy would try to ease the embarrassment if possible.  "Hello boys; have a seat and hopefully you'll learn something."

"Yes, Sir." they said in unison and happily sat down for their asses were safe (at least for today).  The younger boys were thrilled.  They were going to see both their older brothers disciplined -- probably on their bare asses at the same time.

After his father had repeated the question, Zak answered: "By 11, dad."

"Were all the phones dead at the mall?  Did the bus break down or get caught in traffic?"

"No, dad; we, er I, just forgot." said Zak.

"I see" said his father handing him his punishment book, "fill it in."  Carefully Zak made the entry: first the date, then the offence and he paused at the penalty.  Normally he had four types to choose from.  He immediately rejected both lost of allowance and grounding because they interfered with his life too unpredictably and even casual friends would know.  He was left with getting either being strapped or spanked.  He did not like the strap; it really hurt and it was unemotional and cold.  Even though spanking also hurt (sometime even more than the strap) the inner little boy in Zak knew that it meant that his father really loved him.  Also, it took less courage just to be held down than to stand and take the strap.  But Zak was fourteen and thought of himself as a man.  At fourteen being macho is of prime importance.  He knew, absolutely, that men don't get spanked.  Particularly they don't get spanked on their bare butts while over their father's lap with their pants down like little boys do; especially with their kid brother and friends watching.  He looked up at his father, thought a bit and asked: "The strap?  Twelve times?  This was very tricky.  Too little and his father would do both what he suggested PLUS what he thought while too much....

Dad looked at Jimmy but didn't have to ask the standard question.  Jimmy would have loved to see his big brother get twice that but he was smart enough to know that less for his brother today would set a lower measure for himself in two years so he said: "Ten, dad, it was a Saturday and Eddy is probably to blame."  He could also then tell his brother how he tried to help.  Jim, planing to be a lawyer and politician, was a very devious lad.

"Ten it shall be." dad said simply.

The trial and sentencing over, Zak knew what was expected.  He pulled the two-inch wide garrison belt that he was wearing out, gave it his father, pulled down his jeans and assumed the position resting his hands on the hassock.  "Your briefs too, Zachary," his father ordered and they were quickly pushed down to his ankles leaving his bare butt out for his own belt to painfully caress.  His semi-hard teen cock was also exposed to the crowd.  His dad swung the doubled-over belt and it landed right across Zak's buns leaving a red strip.

"One!" gasped the boy being manly as possible.  He did not want to cry or otherwise act like a baby.  This was repeated until Zak got out a weak: "ten."  By then his ass was completely red hot and he really felt it.  He was relieved that he hadn't cried and embarrassed himself before the other boys.  The younger two boys had really enjoyed this but the show was far from over.  Each of the twelve year olds had imagined that he had been swing the strap.  It made them feel very potent with respect to the older boy and the bulges in their jeans gave physical evidence.  Jim really admired how well his brother had taken his punishment although he wished that he had been humbled more.

"Edward, your father and I have discussed this and you have a choice: Get what Zachary did here and now or go home and get punished by your father."  Eddy was very fearful of the strap and hesitated.

Jimmy saw this and realized Eddy had setup a no-win situation for himself.  Very politely the young politician said: "Dad, perhaps Eddy would prefer fifty hand strokes."  This was the standard exchange that both Zak and Jim had established with their father.  What Jim was hoping is that Eddy wouldn't realize that the hand automatically meant in the over-the-knee spanking position.

Eddy fell -- leaped -- into Jim's trap and accepted the fifty even before Zak could shake his head to indicate don't.  He was just about to drop his jeans and undershorts and bend over as his friend had when he heard the command: "Come here, boy."  Eddy stepped over to his friend's father who took immediate physical control.  Eddy's jeans and undershorts were pulled down and he was flipped over the waiting lap just like a little kid before he realized it.  Jim was wearing a grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat.  "Keep count, boy." was the next order as the hand of authority kissed the white ass checks of the second fourteen-year old.  As white turned into pink and then into red, the younger boys were thrilled.  Much to Sam's delight and Eddy's shame, Eddy even stated to cry like a baby after only thirty spanks.  His big brother was proving to be a wimp and a sissy unlike his friend's brother.  Not only did he choose a baby spanking rather than a man's (or youth's) strapping but he was actually crying.  Sam couldn't have had a better view of the show.  He was directly in line with his big brother and only a meter away.  He could see how each hand print blurred between spanks.  He resolved then that he wasn't going to let his wimpy cry baby brother push him around any more.

Zak was given his punishment book to complete the entry with the sentence and execution date while his pants where still around his ankles.  He closed the book and bent over to pull up his jeans when his father stopped him.  "Look in the book again."  Zak was horrified.  He had been on probation until noon that every day and that meant he was due a suspended punishment.  Jim was sent to get dad's barber clippers while Zak stripped completely and assumed the parade rest position.  "Please, dad," Zak began but his father cut him off:

"Zachary, you know the rules; you should have thought about this yesterday."

This was something new to them all.  Zak's previous transgression had been for picking on his younger brother for being less developed.  A punishment worthy of The Mikado had been set for the deferred punishment was lost of his pubic hair.  He had made it through all but a half day of his two weeks probation and now not only was it going to happen and give him problems in the school shower but the youngins would see it happen.  However, there was one extra indignity that Zak had not thought of was still in store for him.

When Jim returned with the clippers he started to give them to his father.  "You do it, Jim," his father ordered, "for your brother offended you."

Gleefully, Jim approached his brother who looked down at him and begged: "Please, Jim, don't; I'll be real nice to you and...."  But his words were drowned out as the twelve-year-old boy turned on the machine, grabbed hold of his fourteen year old brother's erect dick and started to remove the older boy's pubic hair.  He had fantasied about doing this but he never expected that he would actually get to do it and with his father's approval.  Jim was surprised that it was over so fast; ten passes with the efficient clipper removed more than 97% of the hair.  He made a few more passes enjoying the power trip but it didn't change the result and his father told him to stop.  At this time the brothers shared a secret: Jim was not just holding his brother's hard cock but also rhythmically squeezing it (just like his brother loved) and he could see how much his pre-come his brother was making.  It was major effort not to start sucking it right then.  Jim had many thoughts that day.  He was sure that his brother would be very mad at him but, also, would never tease him about a hairless crotch again.  He was sure that he was having fun and that his brother would not forget this day.  None of them would.

That afternoon Eddy made another mistake: he hassled the two younger boys and in return they taunted him about being spanked and crying like a baby.  Jim actually said that he was proud of how macho his brother was.  Unfortunately the truth was too much for Eddy and he attacked the two of them.  Of course, he was soon easily overpowered and the young ones decided to have some more fun.  "He's really acting like a baby today."

"Then let's make him look like one too."

"Great idea!"

"Now."  Sam and Jim forced Eddy up to his bedroom, stripped him and tied him face up on the bed.  As Eddy's resistance stayed downstairs the two had less and less difficulty controlling the now docile Eddy as they approached the bedroom.  Sam knew what he wanted to do and very quickly returned with necessary equipment.

Sam had been also teased about his smooth crotch by his brother just as Jim had been.  Thus he knew what the appropriate treatment was: to follow Jim's dad's example.  Sam covered his brother's small bush with shaving cream and easily shaved him smooth for there really wasn't much hair in the first place. "What do babies wear?" Sam asked Jim.


With that Sam produced a large disposable diaper that was kept for the use by a cousin who still wet the bed and who slept over frequently and put it on his big brother.  Eddy was practically crying when Sam told him that he would stay tied down until he wet the diaper.  "Just call us when you're wet." and suggested that it might be better to do it before mom got home.  When Eddy called, the boys checked that he was really wet, but left him tied down.  Then they called Zak and told him that Eddy needed him for he was very upset over the spanking earlier.  Jim told his brother that Eddy couldn't come to the phone himself because he was all tied up.  Zak rushed over to help his friend, of course.

Jim was prepared for his brother's anger at bedtime.  They were in their shared bedroom and Jim coopted Zak's attack by telling him three things.  First, that he was proud that his brother had been so macho, particularly compared with that cry baby Eddy.  Second, that he knew how turned on Zak had been and that he would have come in just another minute if dad hadn't stopped him.  By this time, Zak's cock was tenting his boxer shorts as Jim got to his third point: I almost went down on you then; you want a blowjob now.  By this time Zak's was fully erect and stuck through his shorts, so he just pulled his brother down and stuck his dick all the way into his willing brother's welcoming mouth.

Particularly after a week being teased by their own classmates, Zak and Eddy treated their younger brothers with much more consideration.  Jim and Sam were pleased by this and in return treated the older brothers with the respect that they deserved.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 22, 1997 (Updated February 1, 2006)

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