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Black Maria

by Corey Matthews

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It was just a regular Saturday night, Chris, Julian, Robert and James were sitting around, drinking and playing cards. Julian, always the one to suggest things, suggested that they played a card game which Chris had never heard of called Black Maria with raps. Julian explained the game and said that the loser had to cut the pack of cards and whatever number came up the he had to put his hand in a knuckle position on the edge of the card table. The winner then had to rap the knuckles of the loser however many times had come up on the cards.

Chris thought this was a stupid game and although he possibly liked the idea of hitting James's silky white knuckles with a pack of cards he thought the game was immature and refused to play. As the game needed 4 players James, who was the youngest at 18, suggested that the winner get to spank the loser over their knee. Chris, who would love to get his hands on James's hide agreed but thought to himself that he'd better learn fast. There was no way he was going face down over James's lap, taking a licking at 21 from an 18 year old.

Julian shuffled the pack and dealt out all the cards. Chris was unfortunate to have the Queen in the first hand. This meant that he had to get rid of it to win. The game continued until it was James who only had one card left. Chris still had the Queen and was praying to God that James would choose that out of the two cards Chris had left. Chris's God was working for him that night as James reached over and picked up the Queen. Yes! Chris thought, finally he would show this little brat what he needed. Chris threw down his last pair of cards and then everyone in the room knew what James had in his hand. He put his card on the table and Chris motioned for James to come over toward him.

James was wearing a pair of slightly baggy jeans, but Chris knew that when he got James where he wanted him there would be no sagging. He had kicked off his white sneakers earlier in the evening and was wearing those tight white cotton socks, the ones that had been worn all day and tightly clasping his smooth feet. He was also wearing a light blue Calvin Klein top that snugged his body tightly and as he moved over to Chris he swiped his light brown hair away from his eyes.

"Right, since this is your first loss of the evening I'll let you keep your jeans on," said Chris, wryly smiling at the same time.

Chris was sitting on an armless wooden kitchen chair and this made it easy to pull James over his lap. Chris grabbed James's left arm and yanked him over his lap in one swoop. James didn't even have time to object to this treatment as Chris pushed down on his neck. James's feet were dangling about 3 inches from the ground to the right of Chris and his head was dangling about the same amount from the ground on the left of Chris. At this angle Chris has a great view of James's firm and rounded ass. The jeans were so tight that Chris could see the lines of James's underwear poking through.

Not wanting to waste any more time Chris asked Julian to cut the pack to see how many slaps James was due. As Julian was doing this Chris put his left hand on the lower part of James's back to make sure he was not going anywhere and rest his right hand on James's soon-to-be-hot ass. Chris started feeling all over the great shape and into the crack that had formed by this position. Chris could have exploded his load then but knew that there was plenty of time for that. Julian cut the cards and it was a 6 of Hearts. Chris couldn't wait much longer, he stopped feeling in the crack in James's jeans, lifted his hand up high and bought it down on James's ass as hard as he could. James, who hadn't been spanked in a while, let out a scream, 'Aaaaah owwww not so hard,' and as James put his arm behind his back Chris grabbed it and and locked it under his own arm. James's smooth hands were now struggling to get free but Chris had the upper hand and carried on spanking James's pert little butt. Smack! Smack! 'Owwww Ahhh Pleeeese.' Smack! Slapppp! 'Stop it please!' James's high childlike voice reverberated around the room but Chris was not giving up. After the 5th slap, Chris waited with his hand on James's bottom and then after about 5 seconds brought it up very high and... Slappppp! 'Owwwwww Ahhhhhhhh Owww!'

Chris lifted James up and James walked back to his seat hoping not to lose next time...

Story can continue... e-mail me if you like it and have some of your own...

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