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by Pddlmepddlyou

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The principal took his keys from his pocket and opened his office door. As the door swung open, he looked up at five boys lined up in front of the door. He did not say a word but signaled with a gesture for them to follow him into the office. He stepped behind his desk. The five lined up on the opposite side. He pointed to the last boy and told him "Close that door." As he bent down he glanced down the row and said, "Empty your pockets." He pulled open a draw and pulled out his paddle. Holding the handle, he pointed the wide part of the paddle at the boy to his right, and said "Over here." The boy stepped to the side of the big desk. "Lean forward, and hold on to the desk." The boy did as told. The principal stepped around behind him on his left. Lifted the paddle and gave him two solid whacks. Said "You're done." Pointed the paddle at the next boy, said "You're next. Over here" Pointed the paddle to the edge of the desk. The boy stepped into position, leaned forward and took his two. The principal said, "Next." The third boy stepped over to the edge of the desk as the others moved over to the far side. He assumed the position, took his two, straightened up, and moved over to the side. Without saying anything, the principal pointed to the edge of the desk, the fourth boy move into position, took his punishment and moved on out. Finally the fifth boy moved right into the paddling spot, bent forward, got two good ones, straightened up. The principal glanced at him and said to the group, "Ok, get a pass from my secretary."

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